Dear deer

Interesting way to learn someone likes you.  :P   And there’s one of my favorite shirts, it has wings and is the awesome color of the header/title for my wordpress site (in addition to ….. perceptiveness, I’m also brilliant at the subtle changing of topics).



My other friends from Hapkido, Faith, Brent, and Keighley (not sure if that’s how to spell it. :/ ) were of vital importance in drawing this comic! I was drawing it unbeknownst to them while we were waiting for class and had hit a major block…. couldn’t remember Mike’s type of facial hair (yes, that’s important….). I blurted out ‘Hey guys, what kind of facial hair does Mike have?!’! Naturally, they all looked at me like I was crazy…. :D   However, after explaining, a picture of him was found, and I was able to finish!gentleman

Answers question?


I shouldn’t rely on Jessica’s ….. cruel …. estimations, so here are (sort of) before and after eggish headband pictures. Tell me your opinion! (……. unless it is that my face does look like an egg. *wickedly provoked expression*)



The eggness thing is also why I got bangs, though I’m tired of them and currently growing them out. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them when they’re grown out…..  XD