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Pride and Prejudice

I drew this for a ‘literature art contest’. Mr. Darcy…. when I first read Pride and Prejudice, I disliked him and liked Mr. Bingley instead. As I get older, I find myself liking the classic heartthrob Darcy more and more and being like “Yeah, Mr. Bingley’s ok…”. Interesting, huh?



2 responses to “Pride and Prejudice

  1. It’s natural for our original opinions of characters to change, which is cool, as we age or reread books! Mr. Darcy is probably my top fictional crush in terms of the classics.

    • kellygrow

      I’m glad you think it’s natural! :) I haven’t noticed it as much with different characters/books, so it really stood out.
      He is cool! And has actually made me think deeper about pride being maybe a good thing… lol

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