Intelligent Impressions

intelligentimpressions...ornot?Another thing about when I’m writing….  I get really close to the paper. Not on purpose. When I start writing or drawing, I’ll be a normal length away. I gradually lean closer and closer to the table, until my left ear is inches away from it’s surface. Then I’ll notice that my eyes are on the same level as the pen (I use gel pens for all writing and quite a bit of drawing) or pencil (mostly mechanical, some drawing), and sit up. This repeats in cycles of perhaps 10 minutes long for as long as I’m making marks on paper.


As could be suspected, this occurred on Thanksgiving….       Usually after a something where I would get numerous ideas for comics, I lose 75% of them due to forgetfulness – determined not to do so this time, I brainstormed on the car ride back home. Not particularly noteworthy, right? Except it was totally dark, so it turned out like this: