Yay! A year of comics online?!

Today is the 1-year anniversary of me starting this website! I want to sincerely thank (is me saying ‘sincerely’ implying it’s unlike most of my other, and therefore insincere, appreciations? I hope not! O_o ) everyone who checks it out – my real life buddies and family, and people with other blogs on WordPress who have somehow found mine. I am so happy every time I check on my blog and someone has left a comment or liked something. Thank you!!! *hyper bowing*

DSCN0809 - Version 2

p.s. The picture of me was taken today, unfortunately the bowing one was, naturally, just a blur….

Delayed comics coming soon

Hey, I’ve been lax in drawing comics for a very decent reason – I was on a trip.  I petted slugs and watched salamanders doing epicly-cute-fail tumbles.  Fascinating as those things may be, they don’t translate well, so though one of the two upcoming comics will be from my trip, the other is going to be a guest comic!