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In addition to personally partaking of a meal I brought over to give to them (not sure about the etiquette of that???), I observed Obadiah (who, according to my brother Ryan, was “three-teen   :D  ” before his birthday) swinging, uh, well, being in a toddler swing (one of these things ⬇︎ ) .


Which brings me to a very disturbing question: Why on earth do those things have 4 leg holes? Even little kids have two legs, like the rest of us humans. Were they originally intended for small dogs instead of small children? Or perhaps it is a space-saving measure, stick your twins (if you don’t have any, you could borrow a neighbor’s kid of about the same size as your’s…) in it, one in each side. There is an obvious front and back, however, one of the kids would be in a better place. So toddler swings were either created by:

People who liked to torture small dogs (or other 4-legged creatures).

People who had twins, were partial to one, and showed it in their inventions.

Which do you think? (my poll creator isn’t working)  Or if perhaps you have a theory of your own, I’d love to hear it!

Please comment!

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