Self portraits

These are self portraits I drew of myself. I feel like they could be so much better…  I guess that means I need to draw them more.  :D

Older ones to newer.

selfportrait1 selfportrait2 selfportrait3 selfportrait4 selfportrait5 selfportrait6 selfportrait7 selfportrait8

This one is my favorite:


I think the tiny braid looks a little piraty (Shakespeare made up the word ‘assassination’, I can alter ‘pirate’….).

Photo on 7-28-14 at 5.55 PM #2

What do you think?


As to why I would want to look like a pirate…  it is because my birthday is in August, the gemstone of August is the peridot, and pirates loved peridots. Obviously (joking :D ).



Do you ever agree with something without really knowing what it is? This is what sort of happened there, though I obviously must have registered what my mom said somewhere.  Or what about answering when someone yells something that sounds a little like your name? I do that all the time… usually when someone calls for one of our dogs!