Shadow Story

I did not draw a comic this week (due to excessive strawberries and artistic blockage), so instead wrote a story which is illustrated by my little brother:

Boy sees Shadow


Boy flees


Boy falls


Boy thinks


Boy chases Shadow


The End

I think this would be conducive to a moral…  none of the ones I thought of sounded cool enough, though (*mournful face* please comment if you think of a good one!).


When I sent this comic idea to Jessica for approval (which I occasionally do to prevent hate mail :D ), I told her that sometimes when I roll around on the floor I get stepped on. She replied “Hahaha! So the floor thing isn’t totally untrue! :D Maybe you are a genius! I heard that geniuses do crazy things. Especially when they’re unmotivated…  ;) “. Very shocking that she did not believe me, especially as I had my ‘serious’ face on (panel 3). And you can see my ‘ignoring-people-when-they-give-me-odd-looks-which-I-know-I-deserve’ face in panel 4. :)

What do you think of my borders? They’re a bit…  straggly, due to using a different paint brush than usual.

Yes, I KNOW I’m stealing from Shakespeare….   I figured if I’m going to steal from someone, it might as well be him.  :D

Our sweet puppy Diesel (yeah, I know you’re like “?!”.  My little brother named him…), who is pictured below attempting to eat and/or pull off my skirt (he succeeded at neither), helped me with this comic…


…by chewing on it – as you can see, he almost mortally injured Josh:


Speaking of my brother (sort of), he also named this Lego dude Josh. Not because he particularly likes the name Josh – he named it after Josh (I think because of the hat…).  I thought that was funny!  :)