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I get a crooked mouth (like in the last panel) when I am perturbed yet amused. It’s an interesting combination. :)

You may have noticed that my left hand’s middle finger is crooked in the 2nd panel – that’s how it is! The last joint on both my hands’ middle fingers have pointed toward my ring finger for as long as I can remember. I was showing them to my mom a little while ago, and she said that it is from how I hold writing instruments…. and I said “Especially since it’s on my left hand too…” (it was funny  :D)


Yep, that’s my room!

Here’s a sample of my left hand writing – please pretend not to notice that it’s on my Plane Geometry homework….  :P  what can I say? ;)    Hmm, it sort of looks like my 4-year-old brother’s handwriting…



6 responses to “Totally Different Topic

  1. Jon Bruce

    I’ve never seen your room I don’t think… ()
    Never noticed the finger, either. o_O

    • kellygrow

      I am also pretty sure you have never been inside my room… even when we were little kids. That makes me make this not-a-face too… () ….and… O_o
      And the finger(s)… well, you don’t know a lot of stuff about me. :D

  2. I never noticed the finger either…But I have seen your room!:D

    • By the way…It kinda does look like Ryan’s handwriting…:P :)
      Steer clear of Benjamin if you go to their house!:)lol

      • kellygrow

        I’d like to see what your left handwriting looks like… ;)
        Haha! I don’t think he meant it.. … …. ….. well, I’ll be wary if he suggests everyone playing soccer in one of their fields. Maybe I would hide behind you! :D (joking…) (*pause for you to think I’m really nice because I was joking*) (…. because you are too short to hide behind) ;D

    • kellygrow

      Yes, you have seen my room. :) However, I change it up a lot, so it looks different. In fact, I dare say there have been two major alterations since last time you were in it!

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