I get a crooked mouth (like in the last panel) when I am perturbed yet amused. It’s an interesting combination. :)

You may have noticed that my left hand’s middle finger is crooked in the 2nd panel – that’s how it is! The last joint on both my hands’ middle fingers have pointed toward my ring finger for as long as I can remember. I was showing them to my mom a little while ago, and she said that it is from how I hold writing instruments…. and I said “Especially since it’s on my left hand too…” (it was funny  :D)


Yep, that’s my room!

Here’s a sample of my left hand writing – please pretend not to notice that it’s on my Plane Geometry homework….  :P  what can I say? ;)    Hmm, it sort of looks like my 4-year-old brother’s handwriting…



Jessica and I were spared! Instead of being pelted with soup, we used silverware upside-down as chopsticks.

I’ve always enjoyed Duck Duck Goose… probably for this reason:


For those unaware of how this child’s game is played, here is a helpful (and mildly hypnotizing) GIF. In this case GIF stands for Games Interest Friends (or something…).





I will NOT reveal who our guests were!
The other day I was discussing fantasizing about free ice cream, and it reminded me of this comic. I drew it this month last year.


Megan (who is unhelpfully assisting me) just said “Hey….!  You have a hat like that!” (haha)





Wow  …   this comic has the most perfect title ever ~

“The Canarie(s) dance is a fast dance from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The dance was named for the Canary Islands, the dance’s place of origin”   What are the odds that I could get a title combining dancing and the star’s name???  Of course, it would have been difficult with someone else…. happy birthday Aries!

Aries is also the main character of the 2nd comic I ever drew – I am not extremely fond of some of my early comics, but this one still cracks me up.