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Megan is in charge of crossing off the days on our calendar, and she is very creative! This is a picture of my favorite day-crossing so far this month! 



In the comic I am reading Death Note, which the 2nd most wonderful manga in the whole wide world (1st is Yotsuba&!). I mainly read classical literature and manga, which is an odd combination, I know.  One of the main characters, L, is on the left page of the book. L’s a genius detective who is as weird as me and has a beautifully dry sense of humor and sits (he says his reasoning ability drops 40% if he sits like a normal person)+holds things oddly! I’ve been imitating him in that lately. It drives my sister Megan nuts. :D


It’s a great series! :D


3 responses to “Happy birthday Dad

  1. Sarah Salahuddin ⋅

    I freaking love Death Note even though it’s been years since I’ve finished reading/watching it. Happy that you like it too!

    • kellygrow

      Oh wow, wow! That is awesome. :D As my set is currently being loaned to a buddy, I’ve been (slowly) watching the anime. But the voices irritate me! Mostly Ryuk’s. He shouldn’t have a creepy voice (he’s my 2nd favorite character… :P :D ).

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