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Today is my friend Jessie’s birthday, and this is the comic she starred in ….  it was the third one I drew! Back in June 2012. I’ve made over 100 comics since then!  O_o

99% of spiders have 8 eyes, typically placed in two rows. The other 1% has 6 or 4. I was researching spider’s vision to try to justify the last panel (which I have forgotten my thought process for and so seems … odd, to say the least)(which must be how it appears to everybody else), and check out what I found:

“Spider eyes are crude and can detect little more than light and dark, although some arachnids are able to detect kinds of light invisible to humans”! Awesome, huh?  Birds can also see colors invisible to humans. I wish I could!   Speaking of that (somewhat), I read this a while ago  …  “People with some types of color blindness can (maybe) distinguish colors that people with normal color vision are not able to distinguish.”  :l  Not sure what to think about that…!  

So, the last panel is supposed to be the reflection off a spider’s eyes. Sort of….  :P 


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