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Ladybug bread!

This has nothing to do with comics, but it’s funny. Yesterday my little brother Ryan and I made bread…. ladybug bread! :D    Shaped like ladybugs, NOT with ladybugs in them. I have actually eaten a ladybug before, on accident, of course, and they do not taste good. Yucky.

This is the one I shaped, Ryan poked the spots for me.

DSCN8670 - Version 2

They usually look like this. I call it stone bread, because it sort of looks like a rock and you have to bake them until they’re hard or it will be mushy inside.


Ryan made this ladybug all by himself.


And here is Ryan with his bread! I think that face is super cute. :D



2 responses to “Ladybug bread!

  1. Jon Bruce ⋅

    Picture number 2… Good advertisement for a wristband business! :D

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