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Dapper Digit (page 2)

That was the first time I’d played Monopoly in … years (and I didn’t even get to finish the game! >:I ). Christopher said that his family had a tradition of playing Monopoly once a week… Amanda was like ‘How long have you had that tradition?’ and (this is hilarious) he said a month.

I do draw or write on myself sometimes… occasionally ………. often. I carry a pen around with me all the time!

Kody (it has a C in the comic because I didn’t know how to spell his name :P ) has awesome hair – it was really fun to ink! :D


2 responses to “Dapper Digit (page 2)

  1. Amanda ⋅

    Wow, kel. You like his hair, I think he’s cool!lol

    • kellygrow

      Wow…? O_o It’s not something ‘wow’-able, Megan also liked his hair, and Meg and I like a lot of the same things…… wait, it IS weird that you would think that too!

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