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Maturity (page 2)

I had some mild agony (ok, not agony, as you could have been clued into by the modifier ‘mild’ …  I really just wanted to use that word) about whether this comic was appropriate (the flatulence portion). But my Mom said “who wouldn’t want to toot on you?” ( <–<< ?!). I was rather offended by this statement, and thought I would test this absurd utterance with a poll. However… I then thought ‘but NOBODY would respond to something like that!’ So I should inform you that I have zero way of telling who voted. On that note, I should also say that Megan says she did not intend to actually toot on me, she just wanted me to leave. And the poll is below! :D


2 responses to “Maturity (page 2)

  1. Amanda ⋅

    I love the look on Meg’s face! *sigh*”Where’s a toot when you need it…” I love it! lol

  2. kellygrow

    Thanks :D …. though you might not love that face as much if it had happened to you…! ;)

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