Ladybug bread!

This has nothing to do with comics, but it’s funny. Yesterday my little brother Ryan and I made bread…. ladybug bread! :D    Shaped like ladybugs, NOT with ladybugs in them. I have actually eaten a ladybug before, on accident, of course, and they do not taste good. Yucky.

This is the one I shaped, Ryan poked the spots for me.

DSCN8670 - Version 2

They usually look like this. I call it stone bread, because it sort of looks like a rock and you have to bake them until they’re hard or it will be mushy inside.


Ryan made this ladybug all by himself.


And here is Ryan with his bread! I think that face is super cute. :D


Name the comic!

My Mom came up with numerous ideas for the name of  “…?”, (I rarely am able to come up with names myself…. odd.  o_o ) some of which are in this poll (along with a suggestion I got (well… not really)).

I looked up ‘applesauce’ in a dictionary, and lo and behold..!  “An early 90s slang word for “ridiculous” or “nonsense”.”  How funny!


Dapper Digit (page 1)

Ok… another comic with 2 pages! It must be addictive. Or not. But it’s so much better than trying to squash a comic with many panels onto one sheet of paper… wait, you should simply ignore my maundering (<–<< cool new (to me) word – it means ‘to talk in a rambling manner’), and just read the second page! :P

p.s. I don’t have glasses in this one because they blew away one day and disappeared while I was playing tetherball (it was a VERY windy day…). I will be getting new ones in a week or so… I just hope I remain sane until then!

Dapper Digit (page 2)

That was the first time I’d played Monopoly in … years (and I didn’t even get to finish the game! >:I ). Christopher said that his family had a tradition of playing Monopoly once a week… Amanda was like ‘How long have you had that tradition?’ and (this is hilarious) he said a month.

I do draw or write on myself sometimes… occasionally ………. often. I carry a pen around with me all the time!

Kody (it has a C in the comic because I didn’t know how to spell his name :P ) has awesome hair – it was really fun to ink! :D

Maturity (page 2)

I had some mild agony (ok, not agony, as you could have been clued into by the modifier ‘mild’ …  I really just wanted to use that word) about whether this comic was appropriate (the flatulence portion). But my Mom said “who wouldn’t want to toot on you?” ( <–<< ?!). I was rather offended by this statement, and thought I would test this absurd utterance with a poll. However… I then thought ‘but NOBODY would respond to something like that!’ So I should inform you that I have zero way of telling who voted. On that note, I should also say that Megan says she did not intend to actually toot on me, she just wanted me to leave. And the poll is below! :D