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I’m actually a pretty good driver. Seriously. I personally am suspicious when someone has to say they are or aren’t something, but it’s true. Even Megan (ever my harshest critic) says so. I just don’t always slow down as much as my Mom would like on corners….

Kentucky has some strange, strict, rules for getting a driver’s license. You have to get 60 hours of practice time before you can even get a “graduated” permit …. therefore, I am the driver whenever we go somewhere.


4 responses to “Bwoosh

  1. Now Kelly, we mom’s have a high appreciation for those laws! We also have a high appreciation for a turn with all four wheels touching the ground. :-)

  2. Amanda ⋅

    If you say so, kel! But I don’t know about driving 4 60 hours! Maybe a couple of cross- country trips…

    • kellygrow

      I’m sure your brothers could confirm the rules! (“If I say so” … I do say so! :P ). Amazingly, I already have 30+ hours, just from doing mannnnny small/medium trips. Yay! However, I have only have 2 of the 10 night driving hours I need (which will be hard to get because we rarely go anywhere at night). :'(

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