Ok, Claudio…. As Obadiah was explaining the new plan (which is boiled down in the comic but was truthfully much longer) to me (we were playing Last Man Standing with no hiding) I was frantically trying to come up with a perfect name to call him. Claudio had a nice O sound like Obadiah, and was fancy and weird – perfect! :D I got it from (though I’m sure it’s been used other places) Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Though Claudio was a bit insufferable, especially compared to Benedick ♥ .

Although in our youth I was a foot taller than Megan, people got us confused… and still do. A LOT.

I knitted my fox hat! I really like it. ^-^

Floyd Fetched Mitch

This comic happened a while ago, but I had so many other ideas I hadn’t used it (but did now, obviously! :) ).
A jar lifter is used for taking very hots jars out of (literal) very hot water when you’re canning.
The title and Megan’s line in panel 2 are from the picture book Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. It’s a wonderful, hilarious (in my humble opinion) story – one of my favorites! This is the best video on youtube of someone reading it =

Which one are you?? #2

Everyone is one or the other  …  or an equally not-exactly-flattering (if you’re someone else, naturally) adjective, which you’re welcome to specify.

I need an opinion!

Hey! I’m considering posting my earlier comics here. I’m undecided because the site puts whatever I posted the most recently first, regardless of when I made it.


Alternate titles for this were ‘Megan is not a cannibal’ ( <—<< funny, and warning of impending doom, but no one else thought it was as funny as I did. Plus we don’t really want to encourage that sort of thing…) or ‘This one has multiple small punchlines’ ( <—<< desperate brainstorming).